Mapleton Odin

This year I am selling this lovely ram that I have had for 2.5 years. He is a mild tempered boy who has sired many lovely lambs for me these past two seasons. I am ready to add new genetics to my flock and so am looking for a new flock for this boy to go to. He carries spots, moorit, and has given me some lovely katmoget lambs (as well as spotted and moorit ones).  Sale pending

Registered Ram Lamb

This is a lovely boy born this April, really nice moorit color with lovely fleece. F3 Heights Orion (UK genetics) with horns already turning out.

Sale pending



Katmoget Ram Lamb

Nicely conformed fawn katmoget ram lamb born this April. His mother is fawn/cream colored and has given me moorit, spots, and other patterns and always multiples. She has lovely soft short fleece that also roos (a Shetland term for shedding naturally) if given the time.

Sale pending

Registered and Unregistered Purebred Shetland Sheep

Each summer at Hawk Hill Farm we have ewe and ram lambs and adults for sale. Here I will list those that are available. Please email or call with questions or if you are interested in learning more about any of the sheep listed below. They are all raised with a lot of attention (except for ram lambs) and the children spend a lot of time with them as they get older. We strive for friendly, nicely conformed, healthy sheep.

Katmoget Ewe Lamb

Fawn Katmoget ewe lamb, friendly temperment already. Mother shaela with lovely fleece that the shearer comments on each year. Twin with black ewe lamb below.


Black Ewe Lamb

Black ewe lamb, twin to above ewe. Mother shaela with lovely fleece, father fawn katmoget listed above. Both parents of this ewe carry spots.


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