Roving and Yarn

I continually am improving and expanding the color range of my sheep so that I can provide a wide color range of undyed, all natural, 100% organically grass-fed wool for spinning, knitting, felting, weaving, etc.


I have my wool washed, picked, and carded at Salt City Fiber Mill in Syracuse, New York. It is only a short drive away and is a small family-owned mill. Colors available upon request as they change from year to year.

100% Shetland Roving
Roving of varying colors: cream, fawn, moorit, dark moorit; light gray, shaela, and black.


100% Shetland Wool Yarn

I have a mix of handspun and mill-spun (at Salt City Fiber Mill) yarn for your crafting pleasure.

Shetland Handspun
Handspun 100% Shetland wool. Visit my Etsy site for detailed yarns.

Finished Products

In my Etsy shop are products that I have knit myself and offer them for your warmth. Thank you for looking.

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Caroline, NY

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